Nap Mats Display

10 Reasons why nap mats make perfect Christmas Presents

  1. Nap time
    • Have you ever been out and about and you have a crying toddler that is overtired? No need to rush home when you can pull out their Cloud9 Nap Mat and they have their own bedding they know and love.
  2. Travelling
    • Whether going on a car trip or aeroplane, the Cloud9 Nap Mat is small and light so all you need to do is unroll in seconds and versatile enough to lay anywhere even in the small plane seats
  3. Visitors
    • Have guests stay the night?  Just pull out the Jnr Jumbo Sleepover Mat and you have instant bedding for moments in need.  Easy to store away when not in use
  4. Sleepovers
    • One joy of childhood is sleepovers at a friends house.  With the practical shoulder strap, sending your child out for the night has never been more fun
  5. Holidays
    • Don’t rely on extra bedding just pack some Jnr Jumbos in the car and have clean blankets ready to go
  6. Movie nights
    • What’s more fun than a family night snuggled up watching movies together during holidays?  Keep kids settled and no need to spend whole next day cleaning loungeroom
  7. Camping
    • Kids love just camping in the backyard during summer holidays - make it easy with a simple pop out tent and roll out the mats and make memories
  8. Daycare
    • The start of a new year arriving and if your child goes to daycare don’t bother about packing blankets, pillows and sheets or worse yet, used sheets from daycare, bring in your Cloud9 Nap Mat that is easy to wash and handy name label
  9. Grandma’s
    • Kids stay at families place?  What better than to have a handy spare nap mat to keep at nanna’s place or whoever you visit most these holidays
  10. Fussy sleeper
    • Have a child that only sleeps on their terms?  With their own nap mat that they know they won’t want to sleep anywhere else and our reviews tell us that even the fussiest of sleepers love their Cloud9
Elektra Cloud9 Junior Jumbo Travel Bed - Yellow Safari
$ 64.95

a MASSIVE 180cm will fit even the tallest of kids and having visitors a breeze

Elektra Cloud9 Junior Jumbo Travel Bed - Purple Owl
$ 69.95

Kids having a sleepover or school excursion?  Just pack the Jumbo Sleep Mat for easy bedding

Elektra Cloud9 Junior Jumbo Travel Bed - Spaceship
$ 69.95

Create magical moments these holidays no matter where you go even backyard camping will be fun!

Elektra Cloud9 Deluxe Cotton Nap Mat Mint NEW & IMPROVED!
$ 59.95

Our Most Luxurious Nap Mat features 100% Cotton Linen, Larger Size & Bigger, Softer Pillows

$ 59.95

Perfect for Daycares, Travel, Family Visits, Movies at home and so much more! 

$ 59.95

Don't struggle with bedding again - just Roll, Clip & Carry!  Blanket Mat & Pillow in One

$ 49.95

Polyester is durable, stain resistant & flame retardent - great for traveling!

$ 14.95

Universal Size – Fits most Prams & Buggys - 38cm – 55cm span between handlebars

$ 14.95

Introducing the Elektra Elite Thermo Insulated Pram Organiser.
Our most stylish storage companion yet!

$ 14.95

Designed with savvy mums in mind, the Elite organiser from Elektra keeps you on the move in exceptional style.

$ 14.95

Store all your important items like phone, purse, keys, wipes and more at hands reach