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Designed for Mums, By Mums to Simplify Your Life

Elektra Bub Tots & Kids Shop

Designed for Mums, By Mums 

to Simplify Your Life


All of our Cloud9 Nap Mats are tested and upgraded continuously to ensure they are the comfiest bedding designed specifically for daycare.  Here at Elektra Bub & Tots we are all parents so we have the chance to test out all products with our own children.  Our goal is to ensure we provide a product that will last and make your life easier.  We constantly look at different materials to keep the highest quality at the lowest cost.  We are proud to offer the very best nap mats in Australia and offer a 6 month warranty on all of our nap mats as well as a love it or money back guarantee!

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"I am an early childhood teacher, have been for 15 years. So I have seen my far share of preschool sheets. Yours are by far the highest quality I have seen👍🏼 "

Rebecca Sheppard

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Hi!  Thanks for scrolling down to read about me!  My name is Jessica and I created Elektra Bub & Tots during my pregnancy with my second child.  I aim to create products that are not only unique but a necessity.  I know the difficulty of running late for work and waddling in to the daycare centre, 8 months pregnant and a screaming toddler who just knows something is about to drastically change around the house!  I now have 3 beautiful little cherubs (when they're asleep!) who trial and test the nap mats daily so keeping my products at highest quality at the lowest price for fellow mums has always been my goal.  Well enough about me - I can't wait to see pictures of your lil angel in our nap mats :)